Ernst Simon Freudenheim - 1904 - 1986

Margot Ruth Freudenheim (née Freund) - 1906 - 1999
  Ernst and Margot were married in 1932, in Berlin, and subsequently moved to Stuttgart. In 1937, Ernst emigrated to the US, and Margot followed him with their two children, Robert and Tom, in 1938. They settled in Buffalo, New York, where they lived until they died.  
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In addition to their two children, Ernst and Margot also provided a home for Inge Pick, who traveled with them from Germany, and to Mini Chazen (née Oppenheim), who arrived in the US from Germany, along with her sister and brother, in 1941.


This photo of Ernst and Margot was taken in 1931, shortly before they were married.


You can read a little bit about Margot's death here.

Ernst & Margot Freudenheim